Entrepreneurship-The Art of Rising

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Entrepreneurship-The Art of Rising

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Human beings are always in search of new ways to progress and try to find a new solution to the existing problems. In other words, mankind is willing to work for himself and by himself. The aims of solving arising issues and willingness to work for oneself are fulfilled through entrepreneurship.The entrepreneur is an action-oriented, highly motivated person who takes risks to achieve whatever goals he sets for himself. The said person establishes his own business intending to make profits. An entrepreneur innovates, raises money, assembles input, chooses managers, and sets the organization growing. When an entrepreneur is mentioned, entrepreneurship becomes unavoidable. Entrepreneurship is a process undertaken by an entrepreneur to create incremental value and wealth by discovering investment opportunities, organizing enterprises, undertaking risks and economic uncertainty, and thereby contributing to economic growth.
Entrepreneurship recently developed and soon became the talk of the town. Many books have been written and numerous articles published. In this book, I have decided to comprehensively cover some major concepts which are not presented in one book or article. The data and ideas are original and the writer endures them. The first part of the book is a general discussion of Entrepreneurship, its definition, evolution, types, and major concepts involved in Entrepreneurship. The second part goes with the Perspectives of Entrepreneurship. It covers individuality, leadership, teamwork, innovation, ventures, and marketing strategies in entrepreneurship. In the third part of the book, I would be discussing the development and outreach of Entrepreneurship in the 21st century. The fourth part of the book is associated with a global overview of Entrepreneurship. International entrepreneurship, its importance, top entrepreneurial nations, and comparative study of China, India, and Pakistan is undertaken. The focus
of the fifth section in Pakistan. Historical sketch of entrepreneurship, current state, its scope and trends, and opportunities are discussed in this part. The last part of the book goes with forecasting the future of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Apart, some genius entrepreneurial minds along with the tech industry are also presented.I have put great efforts into understanding, analyzing, facts checking, and making them easy to understand for a common but interested reader. The topic is vast and the concepts are emerging with every passing moment. My writing the book and choosing the subject is timely and up to the mark. Your interest and familiarity with the subject are applauded. We both are in the same boat, with the same purpose, one is driving, the other is eager to get to the destination.

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